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Platforms, media and public service conference

DECA research project and Tampere University Public Law are organizing a one-day conference.

Time: October 9, 12-17

Place: Tampere University city centre campus, Linna building, Väinö Linna auditorium (Kalevantie 5)

The theme is Platforms, media and public service. The speakers are Professor Andrew Kenyon from the University of Melbourne and Professor Matthias Kettemann from the University of Innsbruck, Member of European Parliament Henna Virkkunen and professor Hannu Nieminen, University of Helsinki.

The Democratic Epistemic Capacities in the Age of Algorithms (DECA) project explores the systems, practices and issues related to the use of information at the various levels of society (individuals, institutions and digital infrastructures).

The project brings together experts from the fields of media, communications and journalism research; social psychology; sociology; law; translation studies; and IT from the universities of Helsinki, Eastern Finland and Tampere, as well as Aalto University and the Finnish Youth Research Society. DECA’s partners also include ministries, NGOs and media actors.

The research is funded by the Strategic Research Council.

Register for the event by 3 October (Office Forms)


More information:

Riku Neuvonen

Faculty of Management and Business

Tampere University


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