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Great variety of DECA-themed podcasts on SoundCloud

DECA has a channel on SoundCloud that is filled with interesting podcasts on project’s themes.

Podcasts with Steven Livingston and Anja Bechmann discuss media platformization from the point of view of small nations. The topics cover, for example, challenges that global platforms pose to small nations and possible prospects for democratic global governance for digital platforms.

The channel includes also a playlist with five podcasts that have been recorded in connection with Communication Rights in the Digital Age conference that was arranged in Helsinki in 2019. The podcasts feature scholars and academics who discuss aspects and research related to communication, rights, and the digital world. The quests include experts in the field, such as Victor Pickard, Philip Napoli, Hannu Nieminen, Josef Trappel, Karen Donders, and many others.

The topics of the podcasts have greatly impacted the work of DECA project.

Listen to the podcasts here.


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