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DECA took part in designing a course on disinformation and digital information literacy

This news has been originally published on the Nordis website.

Disinformation and resilience and literacy efforts to combat information disorders
have quickly become central to many fields of academic scrutiny. It is also important
to educate future media professionals of the recent developments in both practice
and research of fact-checking and literacy efforts.

The University of Helsinki, together with Faktabaari, have designed a Bachelor-level
course on Disinformation and Digital Information Literacy (DIL).  By examining the
larger media environment, including legacy media, this course aims to provide a
critical and contextualized approach to disinformation studies and equip students to
better understand the forms, narratives, policies, and technologies of disinformation.
Students will also gain knowledge of journalistic, policy, and civil society attempts to
combat disinformation. 

The lesson units will address a variety of approaches, ranging from the history of
propaganda and its realizations in the social media era, to the Digital Services Act
and the Code of Practice as policy instruments, definitions of literacy and EU’s
Dig Comp 2.2., and fact-checking in practice.

Drawing from collaborations of scholars and key professional stakeholders working
in the fields of disinformation and digital information literacy within NORDIS,the
course aims at providing a holistic picture of the societal, institutional, and
civic/individual challenges, as well as policy, professional, and civic remedies to

The course design is being piloted at the University of Helsinki during the Spring
semester 2023. The Syllabus will be made available via the NORDIS website and
EDMO in August 2023 and it will include video and audio materials freely available
for the use at college, university and other learning contexts.
In collaboration with Democratic epistemic capacity in the age of
algorithms (DECA) -project and EDMO Nordis -consortium Faktabaari has
produced two DIL videos that can be found on YouTube . These two videos
are aimed at university students and the adult target audience of the DIL-

Minna Horowitz is giving a lecture on digital information literacy.



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